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      This is a forum that was introduced for the first time during the Annual Conference and General Meeting by TLS and TAWLA. This forum intended to bring female advocates together for experience sharing and networking. The theme for the 7567 Women Lawyers Forum was  “Women Lawyers in Legal Practice: Opportunities and Chalenge  

    As a vibrant leading human rights women organization, TAWLA embark on road safety agenda. TAWLA leads the Road Safety coalition of CSO’s and key stakeholders. The purpose of this project is to contribute to the improvement of road safety legal and policy environment by addressing gaps in the road safety legislation that link directly to current high rate of road accidents in the country.

      Women Forum in Arumeru District under the Project titled "Promoting Women's Access to Land and Property Rights" The objective of this activity is to create women champions who shall mentor land rights within and outside the project's geographical jurisdiction.

    Apart from the above activities, TAWLA has conducted a two days capacity building meeting with road safety stakeholders aimed at capacity building and sensitization of officials from relevant Ministries by aligning gaps in the existing laws and policies on road safety creating champions who will help to promote an improved road safety legal environment with increased political will.


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